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A Reason For Local Baked Goods
Tina and Lucas aren’t your typical slices of bread from the everyday loaf. They don’t come from a long line of bakers and they didn’t have a need to bake from a young age. What they did have, was a want to give their kids something better than what the bread aisles of any store could provide; fresh bread with local ingredients and real value.

Tina went to work making bread for her kids’ lunches out of her home kitchen, which sparked an interest in Lucas as a chef. From there, Lucas found he has a knack for bread making and started producing them for the restaurant he was currently working for. From there, other kitchens employed Lucas for his bread making skills via word of mouth, making this duo stand apart from most bakeries. They never went restaurant to restaurant looking for clients, their clients always came to them through recommendation.



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